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Piebald and White fawns for sale - 04-24-2017
We are expecting some piebald / White fawns to be born this spring. There will be a limited number for possible sale. Please let us know if you are interested.
Piebald and White fawns for sale - 04-24-2017
  Prime Whitetails is Selling Piebald and White deer fawns when they are born next month. All fawns are for Sale from this Breeding. The Sire is ZEUS an all white buck, ...
Does - 04-17-2016
We have a little bit of the old line mixed with some of the new line.  Would you like to have some of those producers in your line up that are proven?  Texs Tea, Ene...
Bucks - 04-17-2016
Keep your eyes open this summer on the growth of these boys.   We will have stockers and possibly breeders for sale.  Call for more information